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Whether you're building a home or creating a space personalized to your taste, ensuring every room is perfect makes for the ideal home. As one of the most essential places in the house, the bathroom, especially, should not be overlooked. At Gulfstream in Dalton, Georgia, we think every bath you take should be a lavish experience suited to your needs. This is why we produce the best traditional and fiberglass Whirlpool bathtubs in the nation.

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Traditional Bathtubs Great for Classic Spaces

If you're looking for a modern soaking tub, you have come to the right place. Gulfstream produces the finest on the market and made-to-order. By making our baths one at a time, they are better quality and perfect for your needs and bathroom.

The Difference Is Quality

When purchasing a classic bathtub rather than a whirlpool, you get an excellent model with no jets. No bells and whistles here. These are ideal to simply enjoy a bath and soaking. No matter what model you choose; we guarantee top quality.

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About Us

At Gulfstream, we believe in quality over quantity. All of our baths are made one at a time, meaning we do not mass-produce and we are very meticulous about each project. By doing this, you receive a beautifully made tub, cured properly, and created to your exact specifications.

We also build each of our bathtubs with you in mind. When you're in the market for a new bath, look no further than our friendly team. We deliver our products within a 25-mile radius and ship outside of that area. You can also pick up at our factory in Dalton. We look forward to elevating your bathing experience.

Putting Your Needs First

Our team truly believes in customer satisfaction. That's why we give you 10-days to decide if you like your new tub or not. If you find that you are unsatisfied with our product, please send it back; you only need to pay return freight costs.

We will then provide you with a full refund when we receive the tub. However, we are convinced that there is no one in the industry that makes a better product, and we are confident that you will agree.

Available Accessories:

  • Jets
  • Pumps
  • Heaters
  • Lights
  • Extra Jets
Tub Jets

Personalized Whirlpool Bathtubs for Your Home

At Gulfstream, we take pride in producing the finest whirlpool and jetted bathtubs on the market. Each shell is made from the highest quality acrylic and backed with fire retardant fiberglass for maximum strength and support. This not only means you'll receive a long-lasting product, but something that is created to your needs and requests.

About Our Tubs

We carry 14 variations of bathtubs from which you can choose. Whirlpool baths include jets, which is what sets them apart from a regular soaking tub.

Each bath comes with a pre-leveled bottom, and the pump mounted securely in place. Each unit is also factory pretested to assure you of getting a quality product.

All of our shells are guaranteed to be free from defects in its material, artistry, and finish for a period of one year, and the structure for five years. Additionally, all whirlpool components, like the pumps, carry a five-year manufacturer's warranty.

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